Tackling Bullying and Football: Miggy Restor

When you see thirteen-year-old Gideon Miguel Restor scoring goals, you would not think that the young striker was bullied at school for the longest time. With his talent and passion for football, though, he used the sport to strike out bullying and prove that he is a force to be reckoned with. Born on January 11, 2001, Gideon Miguel Restor, … Read More

Kaya FC Academy 2014 Summer Program

Kaya FC Academy’s summer program will kick off on March 31, 2014, at the Camp. Sessions are Mondays to Fridays so kids, both boys and girls, can play every day in an inspiring and nurturing environment. Imagine summer camp rolled into one exciting, fun, and indoor activity! The Kaya Academy summer program offers football training in an indoor turf facility—the … Read More

Field Trip: Ryogo and Kento

Both born in Japan, 10-year-old Ryogo Endo and 9-year-old Kento Yamada have lived in Manila about half their lives. Having joined Kaya Academy about a year ago, they’ve mastered the pitch, the techniques—and made a lot of new nakama (“friends”) along the way! They make training day just as fun as a family day—and why not? For Ryogo and Kendo, going to the … Read More

The Shane Plan

When Shane Neil Clemente dashes past you, either you see a yellow blur or a goal. Nicknamed Shaninho, this 11-year-old from Kaya FC Academy has the moves, the speed, and that football dream. For a kid, he knows there isn’t a shortcut to reaching his goal, but with his passion for football, we all know it’s going to be a … Read More

La Mia Storia del Calcio (English: My Football Story): Oby Pistis

Time to say Ciao to Kaya FC Academy’s Maria Rita Roberta Pistis and don’t stress if you can’t remember that long name. You may also go for the shortcut, that’s Oby. Hear more about her football story as she talks about herself, Kaya, and an occasional blue jersey. Capisce? There’s something about Oby. Yeah, she’s a girl. And another thing, … Read More

Grown Together, Friends Forever: Matteo and Mikael Celdran

Kaya FC Academy faces the twinvasion of Matteo and Mikael, also known as the Celdran twins. Fraternal and full of smiles, they may be twins, but they are far from double trouble. Or are they? Since the beginning of time—at least that’s what Coach Chris Greatwich said—Matteo and Mikael have always been part of the Kaya FC Academy. Currently eight years … Read More