All Kinds of Fun: Alvaro Lorenzo

When you meet eleven-year-old Alvaro Lorenzo for the first time, you immediately know that you’re going to have a great time, whether he’s talking about playing Minecraft, raging tiger unicorns, or helping PCPI (Philippine Cerebral Palsy Incorporated). His cheerful nature, endearing frankness, and sunny smile remind us that growing up doesn’t mean you should stop having fun. The “almost full … Read More

Kaya FC Academy Updates: Feb 9–15

SCHEDULE UPDATES Rockwell resumes tomorrow, Monday, and is on for the remainder of the month. The on-off nature of recent weeks, we hope, has now come to an end. We can consistently train at the venue now. The rest of the week’s schedule is as per normal. This Saturday, we will also run our goalkeeper training with first-team player Matt Silva. … Read More

Kaya FC Academy Updates: Feb 2–8

Kaya family, Here is a review of last week and a few updates for this week: Schedule The schedule this week is as per normal, with the exception of Rockwell today, which is closed due to a prior booking. We do, however, have the field booked for the remainder of February. Size 20 Uniforms The new size 20 uniforms, which … Read More

Tackling Bullying and Football: Miggy Restor

When you see thirteen-year-old Gideon Miguel Restor scoring goals, you would not think that the young striker was bullied at school for the longest time. With his talent and passion for football, though, he used the sport to strike out bullying and prove that he is a force to be reckoned with. Born on January 11, 2001, Gideon Miguel Restor, … Read More