All Kinds of Fun: Alvaro Lorenzo

When you meet eleven-year-old Alvaro Lorenzo for the first time, you immediately know that you’re going to have a great time, whether he’s talking about playing Minecraft, raging tiger unicorns, or helping PCPI (Philippine Cerebral Palsy Incorporated). His cheerful nature, endearing frankness, and sunny smile remind us that growing up doesn’t mean you should stop having fun. The “almost full … Read More

Kaya FC Academy Schedule: Nov 24–30

Hi all, Greetings from Vietnam! Here is a quick update for this week: Schedule  The academy schedule is as per normal As a heads up, we will train right up until December 21 and we will look to resume training next year, Jan 6th. New Adult Program We have started a training program, specifically for adults. It has started in our Alabang training … Read More

Kaya FC Academy Updates: June 16–22

Kaya family, Here are a few updates from last week and what to look out for this week: Mini World Cup Thank you for everyone who came out to participate in our Mini World Cup on Saturday—it was great that everyone got into the spirit of the competition and we witnessed some wonderful football! Here are some photographs of the event: … Read More

Kaya FC Academy Updates: June 2–8

Hello all, I am finally back from international travels and excited to get back to see all of our academy players! Thank you for all your messages of support while the team and I were away. I hope you enjoyed how we played in our historic run to the Challenge Cup final. We have a few schedule updates for this … Read More

Work Hard, Play Hard: Diego Aspiras

Nine-year-old Jose Diego Aspiras is more than your typical young athlete. Sure, he runs and scores, but there’s more to Diego than meets the eye. An exceptional player at Kaya FC Academy and an honor student at Xavier School, he knows that commitment—a common theme in both schools—plays a pivotal role in both football and school. Having joined Kaya FC … Read More