Still not sure which football academy best fits your child’s training and developmental requirements? Whether your child is playing for the leisure of the sport or working on long-term career goals, consider Kaya FC Academy and its impressive roster of coaches. The academy does not only gather names and figures from the local football leagues and foreign clubs; it brings together a solid team of professionally committed and highly experienced coaches that can deliver the best football training you can expect. Our combined years of football knowledge and skills enable the academy to teach, develop, and transform students so they can achieve their greatest football potential.

Those at Kaya FC Academy know that it’s not just about playing the beautiful sport—it’s about learning football from those who know it best and love it the most. 

Chris Greatwich
Academy Director
Inaki Vicente
General Manager
Steve Nicholls
Coaching Director
Roberto Batuampo
Alfred Osei
Thomas Pfyl
Gerald Maldo
Vassily Allan Pangantijon
Honeylet Vicente
Venue Manager

Chris Greatwich, Academy Director 

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A Filipino British veteran of numerous football teams and associations, Coach Chris has progressed from the UK playing field to the service of the Philippine national football team and continues to stand as a dedicated player and academy director for Kaya. Not content with playing football, his commitment to the sport extends to his leading the academy and launching various campaigns aimed at getting the youth interested in pursuing football. With his professional experience and sports science training, the curriculum is essentially focused on progressive training and ultimately maximizing the students’ football training at each skill level.

Coach Chris relishes great moments on the field, just like the ones with football legends David Beckham, whom he met in the friendly against LA Galaxy, and Paul Scholes, his Clear Dream Match “teammate.” Given the opportunity, he may have shared his favorite fish-and-chips with his fellow Brits. Still, Chris can and does share his time with the regular CSR work that Kaya FC jointly conducts with the LBC Foundation—admittedly, time well spent and shared with those who need it more.

Inaki Vicente, General Manager

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With the commendable depth of his playing career and coaching experience, Coach Inaki deserves greater respect in the football world. Even before the onset of the Azkals’ popularity, Inaki has been demonstrating his football prowess in NCAA games (circa late ’60s), national team (youth and senior) games, and Asian/international games in addition to, later on, supporting local FCs. With more than a decade’s worth of field experience, he is unstoppable, and remains with Kaya FC to coach various youth groups and levels.

His dedication to Kaya FC is admirable, and while being part of the national team will always be memorable, his football highlight is “winning UFL Youth U17 Championships as a coach.”

Steve Nicholls, Coaching Director

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Steve Nicholls holds a UEFA “B” license and has coached all over the world, including the Middle East, the US, Russia, and across Asia. Originally from England, he has worked with a number of Premier League and professional academies, such as Wolverhampton Wanderers, Stoke City, and Manchester United. Steve will come in as the club’s director of coaching. He will oversee all of the coaching at the academy and conduct coaching seminars for the coaches and provide them with ongoing training and assessment.

Roberto Batuampo, Coach

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To say that Roberto has been around might be an understatement. He started his football career in the early ’80s with San Roque FC and proceeded with a much longer list of playing experiences and opportunities, placing emphasis on Army FC, where he spent eight years. Being part of the Philippine national team training pool in 1987 was a significant career highlight. He participated in youth tournament tours across Europe over 10 years and joined Kaya Elite in 2011. Of course, those who have joined Kaya rarely look back, and this time, Kaya FC Academy looks forward to learning from Roberto’s years of experience, techniques, and insights that someone of his stature can impart with much zeal and depth.

Audrey Mariano, Coach

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She may be the only female among the coaching staff, but Audrey draws that breath of fresh air from her string of distinct achievements and qualities. For starters, her first playing experience was with the Saint Scholastica’s College futsal team (WNCAA), but during that period, she was also a member of the Philippine Army (Flame United) football team. Her college life was about maintaining a balance between academics and the UST UAAP women’s football team, where she also obtained her initial experience as head coach in 2008. Since 2013, she has been with Kaya FC as our strength and conditioning coach / team physiotherapist and has extended this function to Kaya Elite and the U16 girls and boys of the Philippine national team. Finding opportunities in the coaching sector, she has provided aid to Kaya’s U16 girls since the 2014 UFL Youth League. But the fun does not stop there. Still a member of Sikat Football Club, Audrey has managed to earn a sports science degree from UST (2013) and is currently completing her master’s in human movement science at UP, which truly makes her a member of the Kaya family.

Dominic del Rosario, Coach

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A name that is not new to Kaya FC fans, Coach Dom has also made appearances in U21–U23 Philippine national team games. While the extent of Dom’s local playing career is already well known, his extensive training started back in Australia, where he grew up. Participating in camps and rigorous training that reached Manchester City and Austral FC (to name a few), Dom has honed his skills at an international level. He considers scoring a goal against Blackpool and Sheffield United his favorite football achievements.

Despite his young age, Coach Dom proves that even young footballers have the ability to coach. He started with South West Wanderers Academy’s U6 in 2012 and has been with Kaya FC Academy since 2014.

Louis Clark, Coach

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Citing 4 continents and over 15 years on his ever-growing resume, Kaya FC player Louis Clark’s list of achievements cannot be contained on just a sheet of paper. His absolutely dedicated performance on the pitch is a testament to his years of hard training, and his two years’ worth of coaching experience add to his vitality on the field. The longest stint, at Brighton & Hove Albion FC (UK, eight years), molded him into a solid player, and the academy can expect quality education from someone who’s been playing in the UK, the USA, and Australia. His travels may have added to the allure, but with his consistent performance on the pitch, the coaching ought to be just as noteworthy and educational for Kaya FC Academy’s eager students.

Paulie Dumagan, Coach

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Based in Manila and raring to coach, Paulie combines about seven years of football experience across various UFL clubs. Starting out with the University of Makati football team and later with Kaya FC Elite, he has gained ample football knowledge and techniques from local endeavors and matches. This homegrown talent considers playing in the first division football league in the country a stellar achievement, one that cannot be denied. Being with the academy coaching staff is an awesome opportunity for him not only to help develop quality football players but also to spread the inspiration to the youth—the same inspiration that got him to where he is now.

Vassily Pangantijon, Coach

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A familiar face at Kaya FC Academy, Vassily has been a part of the Kaya family for about two years now. He draws from his experiences at the University of Makati, as champion of the VP Binay Cup, and at Kaya FC Elite and had his first taste of coaching at Makati Strikers FC. For Vassily, the eagerness and drive of the coaching staff to provide excellent training to its students are highlights of the Kaya FC model, but it’s in extending this football education to the less privileged and helping them reach their dreams that make being part of the club most worthwhile.

Gerald Maldo, Coach

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Gerald brings with him years of football experience from, interestingly, all over the country. Back in 1999, he was selected to be part of Coke Go for Goal (Bacolod) and has since participated in games and leagues that have brought him to Naga, Iloilo, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, and Cebu (Philippine Army). If that isn’t enough, he started coaching in 2010 (FIFA grassroots, Davao) and later went on to Far Eastern University, Team Socceroo, and then Kaya. We can surely expect a well-rounded coaching style from one of our local talents, as well as travel tips from someone who is proud of and well acquainted with his roots.