Registration Process

Joining is easy! To register, simply bring the filled-out registration form (download the form below) to your selected location (see schedule) for onsite registration confirmation or fill out the form at the venue. Forms are also available at the venue. Our venue manager at each location can process your registration there and then.

Download Academy FormYou can pick up your uniform and start training on the same day after payment and registration. Members need to pay a fee of P2,750 for uniform and registration annually.

At the academy, you can either pay the daily rate of P850.00 or buy a session card with the number of sessions that you plan to consume. We use the session card system to record your attendance. Every time you attend a session, you have to present your session card so that we can add the corresponding stamp.

Here are the options for our members:

  • P9,000 for 20 sessions
  • P6,000 for 10 sessions
  • P4,000 for 5 sessions

Our Venues for Registration


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