Kaya FC Academy Updates: May 1–7


We would like to inform everyone that ALL Monday sessions are ON today despite the holiday. Moreover, please take note that our 8:00–10:00 a.m. training sessions on Saturday (May 6) and Sunday (May 7) will be at British School Manila (BSM)


The YFL fixtures are available at kayafcacademy.com/fixtures or click here. We will send the NCRFA Youth League schedule once we get it. For more information regarding the games, please coordinate directly with your age-group’s coach.

YFL results:

  • U7 Kaya B beat Forza, 4–3
    • Goals by Pacrem (4)
  • U11 beat JP Voltes, 9–2
    • Goals by Young (4), Uy (2), Dunder (1), Wilson (1), Kashida (1)
  • U13 lost to MSA, 0–2
  • U15 beat JP Voltes, 3–1
    • Goals by Domelow (2) and Aparilla (1)
  • U17 beat Green Archers United, 15–0
    • Goals by Ronquillo (4), Bode (2), Villaseñor (2), Agot (2), Lim (1), Bongolan (1), Bacaron (1), Unabia (1), and Cordero (1).

NCRFA Youth League results:

  • U9 lost to MFS (7–1) and beat Southridge (1–0)
  • U11 beat LB, 8–1
    • Goals by A. Takadono (2), Uy (3), Y. Takadono (1), De Ocampo (1), and Louw (1)
  • U11 beat Claret, 2–1
    • Goals by Yuma Nagata and Gab Pecjo
  • U12 beat Tuloy, 13–0
    • Goals by Courbet (3), Camahort (2), Negrao (3), Perez (1), St. Laurent (2), Dunder (1), and Celdran (1).
  • U13 lost to Tuloy, 0–8
  • U15 lost to PQUE, 0–5

Goalkeeper: Jonah Gibson
Defenders: Cian Galsim, Vin Diezel, BJ Cordero, and Gael Guerrero
Midfielders: Tim Nielsen, Chris Hagedorn, and Enzo Courbet
Forwards: Borris Uy, Christian Young, and Harry Domelow


Good news to all academy registrants! Kids have field-side access to all Kaya FC–Makati home games. Just present your session card, and you’re all set to watch! (Accompanying guardians will need to purchase a ticket.) We’d love to see you on May 6! Come and join us at UMak as we host the first-ever PFL match! Tickets are available at SM Ticketshttps://goo.gl/Io7HLZ.

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