Kaya FC Academy Updates: January 9–15


We would like to inform everyone that sessions at McKinley Hill Stadium are back on the schedule following the postponement of their renovations. We will be moving some of our sessions back to McKinley Hill Stadium, so please take note of the schedule. Sunday’s session will still be at British School Manila. The schedule will change over the next few weeks, but here’s this week’s schedule:


First, the new uniform is now available, and we advise everyone to get it soon. We will participate in tournaments later this month, and everyone should be in the new jerseys. This year, we’re introducing a new reversible uniform, which will enable players to change quickly in the event of a color clash in both training and games. 

Second, we have announced a new pricing structure. In case you missed it, you may view it here

Third, Kaya Tots and Kickers will be switching to a per-session basis, which means that they will be using a session card like the other age-groups. Players are now able to join all sessions at any venue as frequently as they would like. All Tots and Kickers session cards will not expire.

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