2016 Gothia Cup China

Our U11s participated in the Gothia Cup China, which was held from August 13 to 19. Gothia Cup is one of the largest football tournaments in the world, and it is held every year in Sweden. This year, the organizers launched it in China as well.
We are proud that our U11s represented both the club and the country in the tournament. Despite losing to Machong (China), we finished at the top of the group and reached the round of 16. Thank you for everyone’s support. They had a great time at the Gothia Cup China, and we showed that our U11s can compete on the international stage. They are young and promising, and their story continues. Until the next tournament! ‪
All photos courtesy of Paco Guerrero. Check out his portfolio at www.francisco-guerrero.com or his Facebook page at https://goo.gl/OhTW5D.

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