Announcement: Free session every Saturday at Cuenca

Kaya FC Academy would like to offer a free football session every Saturday at Cuenca, Alabang. The session is open to all, regardless of whether they are a Kaya FC Academy member or not, and it is open to anyone 16 or under.

The concept for this “open play” session, which is a shared vision with Neil Domelow of Warren and Brown Technologies, came from a need for players to play more unstructured, recreational football. How most players across the world learn to play football is by playing in the streets or at the local park with their friends. There were no coaches, or referees, simply a ball, some makeshift goals (“Sweaters or an upside-down bicycle were my favorites,” said Coach Chris), and kids of all ages playing for fun.

It is here where players learn to freely express themselves and try new things. We are offering this FREE OF CHARGE as a way to encourage as many kids as possible to join, and we will run the program for as long as it is popular!

Open Play Poster

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