Kaya FC Academy Schedule: Nov 24–30

Hi all,

Greetings from Vietnam! Here is a quick update for this week:


The academy schedule is as per normal http://www.kayafcacademy.com/schedule/

As a heads up, we will train right up until December 21 and we will look to resume training next year, Jan 6th.

New Adult Program

We have started a training program, specifically for adults. It has started in our Alabang training center and we have plans to open them up at other locations in Manila. If anyone is interested in joining, please let me know.

Suzuki Cup

Thanks for all your support as we embark on our quest to win the Suzuki Cup. We won our first game comfortably vs Laos, 4–1, but with Indonesia and the host, Vietnam, as our next opponents, we will need all your support to help us get through the group. Games are on FOX Sports and ABS-CBN Sports + Action.


I think that’s all for now! If you have any questions or queries, let me know and have a great week of football!

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