Kaya FC Academy Schedule: Nov 17–23

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Here is a quick update of the upcoming week:


As per normal http://www.kayafcacademy.com/schedule/

Nomads Cup

Congratulations to our girls who finished second place in the tournament, losing narrowly to Nomads, 2–1, in the final. The girls put forth tremendous effort after an exhausting day of football and for them to make another final is great credit to Coach Audrey and the hard work of our girls. Well done! Other age groups will participate in the next Nomads Cup in December.

Elite Teams

In recent weeks, I have been notified by a number of our parents and players that other academies and programs have been inviting our players to join their clubs. Firstly, I would be more concerned if other teams weren’t trying to poach our players! The fact that we have some outstanding players within our ranks it is only natural that other clubs will want them on their teams. All I ask is that if you chose to find another team, please let us know and we will wish you the best in the future.

I believe we are developing some of the finest young talent in the NCR region and other teams trying to coax players away is nothing new. I firmly believe in our program, our coaching staff, and what Kaya FC stands for as a whole and I hope that our players and parents enjoy being part of the Kaya family too.

I think that is all for now. I will be away with the National Team for the next week as we play in SE Asia’s biggest tournament, the Suzuki Cup. We will be playing in Vietnam for the group stages, where we anticipate huge crowds and viewership across Asia into the hundreds of millions of people. Fox will show the games live so tune in to watch some great games and hopefully I will see you all when I return with a winners medal!

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