Kaya Academy Schedule: Sept 22–28 (Big News!)

Hi all,

New Arrival

As Miji told you, on Sunday evening, my wife Samantha went into St. Lukes and gave birth to a beautiful 8 lb 2 oz boy, named Nicolas “Nico” Anthony Greatwich. We had to undergo an emergency C-section, which was very traumatic to say the least, but both mother and baby are doing great now. Thanks to everyone who sent us wishes and hopefully he will be training with the academy very soon!


As Miji said in his email, the schedule is as per normal.

We had an excellent turnout at Sunday practice, which was great to see As stated, we will begin to formulate our teams for the tournament season and Sunday is the session where ideally we would like everyone to train as a team. We will have days set aside exclusively for the elite teams down the road, but the coaches will be assessing the players at ALL sessions, should you not be available for Sunday, but if you can do the Sunday session, that would be great.

New Coaches

We will be adding a number of our first team players to our stable of coaches and they will be working very closely with our teams. First team coach Adam Reekie will begin to implement some of his ideas in his role as Director of Coaching, so look out for some subtle changes in the program as we look to stay at the forefront of youth football.

It is of huge value that our academy players get to learn from experienced professional players so it is a very exciting time for our players.

That’s all I have for now. I may be missing some things as I am a little sleep deprived with the baby moaning more than me, but if anything else crops up, I will email you all.

Thanks and have a great week.

Una Kaya!

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