Kaya FC Academy Updates: Aug 11–17

Kaya family,

Here is a quick update with what is going on this week:


We are back to a ‘normal’ schedule, so here is our current schedule:


This Sunday we planned to have a Kindersoccer tournament but one team pulled out yesterday. We aim to get a replacement so we will update you over the next few days.

McKinley Hill

We have training here 3 times a week, and I understand that Wednesday is difficult given the parking situation. However, we are coordinating with Megaworld to enable us to enter directly to the car park, which should alleviate any issues. If we cannot fix this, upon entering the Stadium area, you can actually pull up alongside the entrance of the stadium, and drop the kids off right by the gate. Dennis will be outside also to escort any of the kids to the stadium if you wish to drop them off. Saturday and Sunday there are no such problems with parking.


As stated in previous emails, we will begin our process of selecting players for the tournament season, which will start next month and continue until the end of the year. We aim to enter 3–4 tournaments for each age group alongside mini-tournaments/scrimmages of our own.

With our International School kids coming back from break it is imperative that we begin to build for these competitions. As some of you know they are split into even ages (10/12/14s) so we will be forced to make new teams. We will be selecting based on training between now and September, so please attend the sessions if you wish to be considered for the teams.

I think that is all for now. Have a great week and I’ll see you out on the field.

Una Kaya!

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