Kaya FC Academy Schedule: July 21–27 (IMPORTANT)

Hi all,

Following the storms of last week, our training schedule has been severely altered:

  1. Monday’s Kindersoccer @ Rockwell, Friday’s Futsal @ North Forbes, and Sunday’s Academy @ Emperador are all going ahead as normal.
  2. Tuesday and Thursday @ Cuenca is still unsure—we have called the office but it is still closed. We will inform you as soon as possible once they let us know if the field is open or not
  3. BGC is closed—so Wednesday and Saturday sessions are cancelled.
  4. We will add Thursday, 4-5:30pm @ Emperador to replace the Wednesday session this week for all ages (Kindersoccer to U17s)
  5. We are also looking for an alternative venue for Saturday and will keep you posted later this week.

Thank you again to those of you who made it across to Emperador on Saturday despite the late venue change. As stated before, we were told by BGC last Friday, it was open but it was evident that the field was too dangerous. As you appreciate, things are slowly being restored to normal and we will update you with any changes as soon as they happen.

That’s all for now. Have a great week and we will keep you posted.

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