Kaya FC Academy Mini World Cup Rules

Kaya WC Rules

Tomorrow we will host our mini World Cup tournament and I want to establish the rules with you for tomorrow’s games:

  1. The teams will be split into 3v3 (kindersoccer, U9, and U11) and 4v4 (U13 and above) matches—no goalkeepers.
  2. Each game will last for 4 minutes, which will start and stop with a central whistle.
  3. To score, goals must be scored through the goal at cone height, without touching the cones. If it touches the cone at all, goals do not count
  4. After 4 minutes, the winning team will stay on and the losing team will join the back of the waiting line. The next 3 players will then enter the field. In the event of a tie, both teams will leave the field. If a team wins 3 games in a row, they will get a bonus win and will vacate the field.
  5. If the ball goes out of play, restart is by kick-in. If a goal is scored, the game restarts by center kick.
  6. Each player will have his or her number of wins recorded by the referee and at the end of the tournament, we will see who has the most wins to determine our “Golden Boot” winner for each age group.

Tomorrow, we encourage all players to wear a jersey/shirt from the country they support—it can be a club jersey, national team jersey, even jersey of a team not in the World Cup. I would like all the kids to join in the spirit of the competition and wear their colors with pride. Also, feel free to bring your friends/family down to the tourney even if they are not academy members. They can join on the day so bring them down.

On a separate note, please ensure you bring your session cards tomorrow. Some players/parents have been a little “casual” in bringing their session cards. Remember that Honeylet notes down all those who fail to bring their cards so please remember to bring them.

That’s it for now. Have a good weekend and see you all out on the pitch!

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