Kaya FC Elite Training & Summer Program

Elite Training for UFL Youth 

Many of you are still asking questions about the training schedule—I thought I had explained it clearly, but I am being inundated with questions surrounding training.

To summarize, the original plan was to have 2 sessions for elite teams only on Mondays and Fridays starting in April, when the league was originally due to start. However, with the league starting earlier this year and the increased number of players and teams in our academy, we cannot fit 11 teams at one time at BGC or Emperador. As such, some elite teams will have to train on either Wednesday or Saturday, when regular academy training is on. You would still train separately as an elite team, but at the same time as the regular academy sessions.

However, say for example, Team X is scheduled to train Saturday morning, then when the UFL schedule is released Team X has most games on Saturday mornings, they will be left with only one session per week.

Here is what I suggest parents do—plan to train on Monday/ Wednesday/Friday and Saturday starting April. Elite players should train twice weekly, but try to make 3 or 4 sessions a week when possible. The final training schedule will be released once the UFL release their full-season game schedule.

The UFL is trying to schedule an incredible amount of games and acquiring the fields is a difficult task. Once they release the schedule everything will become clearer. In the meantime, either your coach or I will update you when the game schedule is released—as soon as it’s announced you will be the first to know. There is no need to email me each week asking me if the schedule has been released.

Summer Program

Aside from the Elite training, we have our regular Academy sessions:

  • Mondays at Rockwell (kindersoccer only)
  • Wednesdays and Saturdays at BGC
  • Tuesdays and Thursdays at Cuenca, Alabang.

In addition, we have announced Monday to Friday sessions at The Camp starting March 31st.

Any Kaya FC Academy registered player can attend any of these sessions, at any time during the course of the summer, as many times as they like.

The UFL also have told us that the Sunday 8-10 a.m. slot will be given back to us in April but is TBC. Futsal on Friday at North Forbes starting April will be cancelled.

The Camp sessions are 10-12 midday (ages 3-10) and 12-2 p.m. (ages 11-16) and the registration form for this program is at kayafcacademy.com

REMINDER: To register, simply fill out the forms, and hand them in at any of our current venues where training is conducted (DO NOT hand them in at the Camp). If you register for the class in the Camp by March 24, you will be given 2 free sessions for the purchase of the 5-session card, 4 free sessions for the purchase of a 10-session card.

If you have any questions let me know, but I think that should answer any questions which you may have for the Elite training schedule and the summer academy program.

Thanks all, and see you all out on the field.

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