Kaya FC Academy 2014 Summer Program

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Kaya FC Academy’s summer program will kick off on March 31, 2014, at the Camp. Sessions are Mondays to Fridays so kids, both boys and girls, can play every day in an inspiring and nurturing environment. Imagine summer camp rolled into one exciting, fun, and indoor activity! The Kaya Academy summer program offers football training in an indoor turf facility—the first of its kind in the country! Imagine chilling, kicking, and learning football at the same time—now isn’t that the best summer activity yet? There’s more … parents and companions get their own viewing area, so they too can sit back and chill while kids run around. Leave the worrying to the coaches, right? Plus with early-bird and summer-rate discounts, this is the best time to get into the game and start. Now isn’t this the perfect summer activity?

We want to encourage kids to get out of the house and stay active this summer. Outdoor sports are a summer staple, and football is the perfect sport, but this time, kids get to play it indoors—safe and fun sans the sun’s ultraviolet rays!

We are committed to increasing the public’s participation in the sporting community by promoting programs to nurture and develop individuals. We want to actively help and contribute to the youth’s growing process in terms of being both skilled athletes and individuals who can make a difference. The 2014 summer program is our concrete way of delivering our promise. A unique football program specially designed for this summer to help each child develop their own set of skills and learn the value of teamwork in a fun and unforgettable way at the Camp.

REMINDER: To register, simply fill out the forms, and hand them in at any of our current venues where training is conducted (DO NOT hand them in at the Camp to avail the early-bird promo). If you register for the class in the Camp by March 24, you will be given 2 free sessions for the purchase of the 5-session card, 4 free sessions for the purchase of a 10-session card.

Register now! Download the form HERE.

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  1. Hello. I would just like to ask: If I were to submit my filled-out form to THE CAMP for on-site registration confirmation (as it says on the “note” of the form), when and what time? Because I went to The Camp and the person in charge of the Kaya forms was on a day-off. Hope I get a response soon. Thank you!

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