Kaya FC Academy Updates: Feb 17–Feb 23

Kaya family,

Quick update after a very busy week of football:

Kaya Tournament

Congratulations to our U9s for winning our preseason tournament on Sunday! Our young stars put on a tremendous show, winning all games vs Futbol Funatics and Nomads, playing some fantastic football! Congrats to those who took part and well done too to Coach Amet and Coach Alan.

Miji’s Article

This week, Miji has written a fantastic piece of Shane Neil Clemente—our U11 National Team player. To read his Kaya feature story visit: http://www.kayafcacademy.com/2014/02/16/shane-plan/

Kaya Elite Tryouts

An email has been sent out regarding the summer elite program. However, some emails were scribbled down incorrectly and I received a number of bouncebacks—If you did not hear from me please email me (do not text or call) and I will look into it. I will need all forms in to me by Wednesday, February 19 and you can give them in:

Today @ Cuenca, 4-5:30pm

Tomorrow @ BGC between 4-5:30pm, or

Tomorrow @ Greenhills North 4-5:30pm We have our Xavier 04’s so if you are in the Greenhills area, you can give the forms to Dennis, the Kaya FC driver.

If you do not hand your forms in, you may find yourself unable to play in the UFL youth league and/ or your spot may be given to someone else. To ensure you secure your spot, please get this in immediately. I will not be chasing players up for forms. All checks to be made payable to Kaya FC Academy.

The last thing I am going to say regarding this matter is we have offered spots to nearly 250 kids and along side dealing with the Elite, we also have other academies and programs to deal with. I think I am generally an understanding person and I appreciate players and parents are anxious to find out if they have made the team or not. However, calling me & texting me at all hours is unacceptable, especially before the deadline I specifically set out for everyone which was yesterday evening. If you have queries please address them to me through email and I will respond accordingly. Phone calls (especially outside business hours) are for emergencies only please. Thanks—rant over!

Lastly, today is the Manila “El Classico” between Kaya FC & Loyola. KO is 7:30 p.m. at Emperador and we would love it if you could come out and support us. If you cannot get there, please check it out on Aksyon TV, as the game will be shown live.

As such, I will be out of commission for the rest of the day and will get back to emails/ questions tomorrow. Have a great week and I will hopefully see you all out on the field very soon.

Una Kaya!

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  1. Good rant 🙂 I’ll bet many of the parents/players calling you were in a tough situation entirely of their own making. Many kids hoping to play in the UFL Youth have been trying out for multiple teams, even getting accepted in Team A then missing training sessions to try out for Team B. The pressure is then on to see if they’ve been selected for Team B so they can inform Team A that they won’t be joining. Team A’s going to be pissed whatever happens, but the longer the turncoat player waits, the worse it’s going to be. This is really happening, a lot, though it will only really be noticeable to those teams that did their tryouts early. With a little coordination among team managers, this practice – and the confusion it creates – could at least be reduced.

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