Kaya Academy update July 1-7

Kaya Family,


So as we end our summer season, we head straight into the next module starting tomorrow, July 1st. Here is the schedule for the next 12 weeks:



Kindersoccer  (Ages 3-7)@ North Forbes, 4- 5:30pm.

Futsal @ North Forbes (Ages 12 & under), 4-5:30pm.

Girls Only @ North Forbes (All ages), 5:30-7pm.


Academy & Elite training (All ages) @ Cuenca, Alabang 4-5:30pm.

Speed School @ the box, 4-5:30pm. Jonah (U15 Elite Group)


Academy & Elite Training (All ages) @ BGC, 4-5:30pm.


Academy & Elite training (All ages) @ Cuenca, Alabang 4-5:30pm.

Speed School (All ages) @ the box, 4-5:30pm Jonah (we will coordinate with those in this group)

Futsal @ (Ages 10 & under) Greenhills West, 4-5:30pm


Kindersoccer (Ages 3-7)@ North Forbes, 4- 5:30pm.

Futsal @ North Forbes (Ages 12 & under), 4-5:30pm

Girls Only @ North Forbes, 5:30-7pm.


Academy & Elite Training (All ages) @ Mckinley Hill, 8-10am,

Speed School @ the box, 1-2:30pm Jonah (U17 Academy Elite Only)

**Girls Only to move to Sat 8-10am @ Mckinley Hill if numbers are low

**GK training to be conducted on Sat 8-10am @ Mckinley Hill


Note: Of these classes, the Girl’s Only program will run this week but if numbers aren’t enough we will move it to Saturday morning’s instead. Pre-registration has been low, but many are awaiting school schedules so we will leave in open for now.

If you notice we have opened up a new training center in Greenhills for our younger teams as there was a huge demand for it. There have been many other inquiries regarding sessions in the Greenhills area so if older groups want to train, please speak to me directly. If there is demand for programs I will accommodate you.

If you have any queries regarding this please let me know. Directions to ‘the box’ for speed school will be sent later this week.


Kaya Elite Season End

Congrats to our U9s for finishing second with a 3-1 win vs Agila, to our U19s for finishing fourth after just missing out to Agila in the play-off, to our U15s for finishing third after a 2-1 win over Loyola and to our U17s who won 3-2 in the U17 final to be crowned Champions! It was a tremendous win at a packed Mckinley Hill with three wondrous goals from Joey Arenas, Dan O’Reilly and Nino Herrera. It was a great result for Coach Mike’s team and Coach Inaki’s team and it was great to see so many Kaya fans out in force to see the win!


I wish to end with a huge thank you to all of you who participated in the UFL Youth tournament this summer which I think was a huge success. Not only were our teams successful in terms of results, with 3 of our teams winning medals and 5 coming in the top 4, but we played nice football, with style and good sportsmanship. While as coaches, parents, and players we all made mistakes, have had our differences, had many up’s and down’s along the course of the season, the one thing I would like to say is that is what makes Kaya FC a family. Kaya FC is not like other clubs. It is the family atmosphere, that sense of togetherness that makes being with Kaya FC so special. I thank you all so much for being part of this special family and for all your efforts this season.. May you continue to support us as we have many exciting updates coming your way in the upcoming weeks and months so stay tuned…it’s just the beginning!


Thanks all, and I’ll see you out on the field!

Una Kaya Kids!

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