Schedule April 29- May 5th

Kaya Family,

This week was a very important week for football in the Philippines and it was great to get the Youth UFL competition underway.
Saturday morning had our Kaya Elite kids join the opening ceremony at Emperador and it was a great atmosphere as we were able to see all the participating teams come and show their support. Our teams had mixed results with our teams winning 3 and losing 3:

Our oldest groups kicked off against Cimarron FC who boasted the line-up of University of the Philippines and we fell to an undeserved 2-1 loss. CFC were a very cohesive unit having played together for a long time but given the amount of chances we created we should have won the game. Our goal was scored by Lui Clavano and our line-up included 14 year old Marco Casambre who played a full 90 mins


Coach Diego’s team fell to a strong Forza team 5-0 but they worked very hard on the big UMak field, with many of them playing their first game on an 11-a-side field.


A 3-0 win for the kids was awarded to us when Nomad’s failed to arrive on time to the field. This was a disappointing way for our young players to start the campaign and we will be speaking the league about this situation to ensure our opponents do not do this to us again.


In arguably the most entertaining game of the weekend, our 11s lost 6-5 to Agila FC with some very dubious refereeing decisions taking place against a much older and physically stronger side. Goals were scored by Jiggs Canon, Fonzy Escobin (2), Shane Clemente and Sandy Young.


Coach Mike’s side produced a devastating second half performance in a 5-1 win vs Socceroos. Goals from Javier Romero Salas, Enzo Jaladoni (2), Dan O’Reilly and Carlitos Mathay led the way in a very dominant display.


Coach Jonah’s team rounded off the weekend with a 3-1 win vs Army at UMak. Despite going 1-0 down, the team rallied and scored 3 fantastic goals, with wonder strikes from Jeff Morales, Ottmar Figueroa and Josh Miller. The teams defense was also outstanding in this game and deserve a special mention for their display.
This Week

This week there are NO GAMES as there is the Coca-Cola Cup which I know many of you are playing in so the league will shut down for the week. We will still however have our regular training sessions:
  • Mon: 4-6pm Mckinley Elite
  • Tue: 4-6pm Cuenca
  • Wed: 4-6pm BGC, Academy
  • Thu: 4-6pm Cuenca
  • Fri: 4-6pm BGC, Academy
  • Sat: 8-10am Mckinley, Elite
As a reminder, please make sure for games & practice that we all provide the kids with ample amounts of fluid. Again this weekend too  many kids were drinking out of small containers and the effects of dehydration can be very harmful for the kids. We try to provide the kids with good amount of rest periods in practice and carry large rosters to games to ensure everyone gets a chance to have a break but if you could help to keep the kids well hydrated it would be greatly appreciated!
Must Watch

It occurred to me during a conversation with someone this week that perhaps not all of you know too much about Kaya FC, our men’s team, the UFL League and…me! So just as a taste, check this out and maybe come by a game when you get the chance!
I think that’s it for now, have a great week and I will see you all out on the field!
Una Kaya!


Chris Greatwich 

Kaya FC Academy Director

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