Kaya FC Academy Schedule: Nov 24–30

Hi all, Greetings from Vietnam! Here is a quick update for this week: Schedule  The academy schedule is as per normal http://www.kayafcacademy.com/schedule/ As a heads up, we will train right up until December 21 and we will look to resume training next year, Jan 6th. New Adult Program We have started a training program, specifically for adults. It has started in our Alabang training center and we have plans to open them up at other locations in Manila. If anyone is interested … [Continue Reading]


Kaya FC Academy Schedule: Nov 17–23

Hi all, Here is a quick update of the upcoming week: Schedule As per normal http://www.kayafcacademy.com/schedule/ Nomads Cup Congratulations to our girls who finished second place in the tournament, losing narrowly to Nomads, 2–1, in the final. The girls put forth tremendous effort after an exhausting day of football and for them to make another final is great credit to Coach Audrey and the hard work of our girls. Well done! Other age groups will participate in the next Nomads … [Continue Reading]

U15 Kaya

Kaya FC Academy Updates: Nov 10–16

Kaya family, Greetings from Thailand! As some of you may know, I am away with the national team here in Thailand so this week’s update will be short and sweet: Schedule Rockwell training is up and running at the Guadalupe Viejo basketball court. Training starts at 3:30 p.m. so please arrive at that time. Wednesday practice may have to start early (3:30 p.m.) due to a request by the UFL for an event, which is due to start at 5 p.m. We are trying to have them push it back to 6 p.m. so … [Continue Reading]

Academy Flyer as of Nov 3

Kaya FC Academy Schedule: Nov 3–Nov 9

Kaya family, Here are a few updates for this week: Schedule Rockwell venue has changed to the Guadalupe Viejo basketball court. A map to the venue is here: http://wikimapia.org/7035029/Guadalupe-Viejo-Basketball-Court If you are entering Rockwell from EDSA, driving down Estrella St., turn right onto Gumamela St. (adjacent to the Manansala building) and the court is on he right about 100 yards up the road. It is a covered court so it should be on come rain or shine. Sessions … [Continue Reading]

Guadalupe Viejo basketball court

Kaya FC Academy Updates: Oct 27–Nov 2

Kaya Family, Here are a few updates for this week: Schedule Rockwell is still ON at PowerPlant Mall today. We will move to the new venue next week. Wednesday again is OFF (unless we can regain the slot from UFL) at Emperador due to a UFL conflict. Friday at Forbes is OFF due to Halloween. The rest of our schedule is as per normal (Tuesday and Thursday are all ON at Cuenca while Saturday and Sunday are all ON at Emperador). Chelsea Tournament: The Good & Bad Firstly, I … [Continue Reading]


Chelsea Tournament and Weekend Updates (Important)

All, I have emailed the full rosters and teams for the weekend so kindly read them carefully. If I confirmed you were playing and haven't added you to the roster, let me know. Otherwise, important updates are as follows: Chelsea have staggered the start times so there isn't a fixture pile-up. Players for each age-group are expected to be at the Blue Pitch an hour before the start time (that's at the pitch; not 'in Makati,' not 'close to the pitch,' at the pitch, with the coach, with your … [Continue Reading]